The Porcelain Painters of Indiana

Friday, September 20, 2019 - Sunday, September 29, 2019

A Fragile Art Form that Spans Generations - painting on porcelain dates back to the Chinese dynasties. It involves painting on porcelain with minerals and firing the piece in a kiln. Many regions of the world have a history of porcelain and the United States is no exception.

Come visit us and see this exhibit from the porcelain painters of Indiana.

September 21 | The Art of Painting on Porcelain - Program and demonstration by Ellen Wilson-Pruitt | 2 pm
September 28 | Paint a Garden Tile Workshop | Noon | $20 per person, all supplies provided
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Background on China Painting....The Art of Painting on Porcelain The practice of painting on porcelain with minerals and then firing in a kiln is as old as the creation of porcelain itself. We all have seen examples of fine porcelain from the old Chinese dynasties. We paint on porcelain with practically the same process today. The only thing that is really changed dramatically is the technology of the electric kiln. Many areas of the world have a rich history in the creation of fine porcelain. These regions were based on the availability and type of clay deposits in the area. It was a natural evolution that these regions began to not only produce white porcelain but to decorate it with fine hand painted designs. Most people recognize the names of Limoges and Dresden as being synonymous with beautiful painted porcelain. These regions not only had factories to produce the white wear but employed staffs of full time artists to paint the pieces. In the United States the industry of was based around the Cincinnati and Chicago area with Rockwood Pottery and Pickard China respectively. The pieces created by the artists of the two companies are highly collectible. The factory recognized the level of artistic endeavor by allowing their pieces to be signed by the artist. Pickard China is also known for producing several of White House china. These American companies are also known for their fine staff of artists. These companies allowed their artists to sign their work. This was seldom allowed in the European factories.



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Event: From Friday, September 20, 2019 to Sunday, September 29, 2019