Brown County Art Gallery Foundation Annual Meeting

Business Meetings
Thursday, May 31, 2018 10:00 AM

Our annual meeting will be held on Thursday, May 31 at the Brown County Art Gallery. Everyone is welcome to attend.

   A. Call to Order

   B. Nomination of Inspector

   C. Secretary's Report
               1) Read Meeting Notice and Date of Notice
               2) Call for Present to Sign Roll of Attendance
               3) Reading and Approval of May 25, 2017 Minutes

  D. Treasurer’s Report - Year-End December 31, 2017

  E.  President's Report-Update of 2017 Gallery Events

  F.  Inspection of Prior Year's Board Minutes and Related Items

  G. Ratification & Approval of Actions of Board for Prior Year

  H. Election of Board Members:

           Current Slate: Lyn Letsinger-Miller | Cheryl Eyed | Kim Cornelius | Bud Tackett | Paula Sexton | Jim Ross | Georgia Davis | Robert Stevens
           Dan Kraft | Brenda Kelley | Erika Rudd | Steve Miller | James Leatherman….Nominations from the Floor

   I.  Conflict of Interest Form

   J.  Business Proposed from Floor

   K. Annual Meeting Adjournment



All Dates

Dates: Thursday, May 31, 2018 10:00 AM