Bob and Barbara Stevens Art Education Studio

This state of the art space gives working artists a place to work, teach and experiment. It is also a gathering place for small meetings and receptions and a place to host lectures, small exhibitions, and video presentations and is available for rent.

Features include:

  • Kitchen with refrigerator, sink and microwave
  • Handicapped accessible bathroom
  • Cleanup room with mop sink and large restaurant sink
  • Tables and chairs
  • Durable epoxy flooring
  • Powerful ventilation system for paint fumes
  • Two separate entrances


  • 65” 4K ultra high definition video TV (power points, live camera, video capable)
  • Full room wireless wound wystem (wireless hand-held, stand and clip on microphones)
  • Monitored security system

Exhibition Space:

  • Exhibition ready surface on all walls
  • UV filtered lighting