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Welcome to the Brown County Art Gallery

It has been a late fall in Brown County, but the leaves are turning and the colors are lovely. There is also lots of color in the Brown County Art Gallery. Our current exhibit features the work of woodcut artist Gustave Baumann, including private collections pulled together by Curators Richard and Brigitte Halvorsen called “Brown County and Beyond.”


The exhibit also brought us a Gustave Baumann woodcut available for purchase.."Harden Holler" is a Brown County image in excellent condition and beautifully framed. It is #20 of a run done by Baumann in 1927. Call the Gallery 812.988.4609 for more information and to learn how you can add this to your collection.


Check our event calendar - Brown County Paint 'N Party is November 24 and returning is the Uplands Wine Trail Winter Wine Market on December 1 from Noon - 5 pm. Click on our events calendar to learn more about these events. 

We have a new rotation of our Permanent Collection on display. It features some snow scenes to get you in the spirit!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take some time to visit Brown County. Thank you for supporting the Brown County Art Gallery. We are open 7 days a week, admission and parking are always free.