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Welcome to the Brown County Art Gallery

Fall is here and the Gallery is set for some blockbuster events. The Collectors' Showcase 2018 exhibit features 25 Steele and 25 Schulz paintings from private collections including a magnificent Shulz that belongs to members of the historic Brown County Calvin family.

Ern and Irl

Shulz and brothers Ernest and Irl Calvin had a close relationship and the painting called "The Leaning Willow" was a personal gift. The painting has been returned to Brown County and will be offered for sale at the opening reception. It includes a personal letter from Shulz to his friend that is filled with humor and memories, a real treasure.


"The Leaning Willow" by Adolph Shulz | 30 x 36, oil on canvas circa 1941
This painting was sold during the opening reception, but will remain at the gallery throughout the Collectors' Showcase exhibit. 

Final Weekend of Collectors' Showcase | October 27 & 28

“Gustave Baumann’s Brown County and Beyond” Exhibit 
Saturday, October 27  | 3 pm | $20 
Opening Reception featuring a program by Marty Krause including his new book "Of A County Called Brown", Baumann Exhibit, book signing, food and wine reception. Books will be available for purchase. Call the gallery to register. The Baumann Exhibit continues through December 2

Sunday, October 28
Grand Opening for the "Singing Winds Visitor Center" at T.C. Steele State Historic Site. Gallery hours will be extended until 6 pm for guests to enjoy the last day of Collector's Showcase.

TC SteeleSingingWindsVisitorCenterOpening

We hope to see you at the Brown County Art Gallery this fall! We are open 7 days a week, admission and parking are always free.