“Two Eves with Apple” by John Mellencamp
48 x 36 · $30,000
Mixed Media on canvas · Signed lower right

The Brown County Art Gallery Foundation is pleased to represent Hoosier Music Legend John Mellencamp in the sale of “Two Eves with Apple”, a piece created in his Indiana studio.

According to the artist, the painting references the seductive apple eaten by Eve in the Garden of Eden to the seduction of cell phones on current society. Eve’s forbidden fruit came from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. A serpent told Eve she would gain knowledge from the tree
if she ate the apple and so she did. The result was being cast from Eden for disobeying God.
The technical tree of knowledge found in an Apple I-phone may be seductive to the point that walking down the sidewalk includes staring at a cell phone or pausing to take a selfie. Posing the question…Is it good or is it evil?

“Two Eves with Apple” is 48″ x 36″, mixed media on canvas, signed on the lower right and is priced at $30,000. An original sale catalog is included. A portion of the proceeds from this painting benefits the Brown County Art Gallery Foundation.

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